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Private School Strategic Planning Is Critical To Guiding Your School In Today’s Challenging Times

HEG Specializes In Developing Private School and Public School Strategic Plans in the US, Internationally, and Canada

Douglas Halladay of HEG has been involved in strategic planning for schools since 1989. His wealth of experience and knowledge around developing and implementing strategic plans for private and public schools is unparalled. HEG’s process typically uses a participative or constituency-based approach, which is adapted to your organization’s needs. This allows your plan to be used by your board and sub committees for short- and long-term oversight of your school and your administration’s operation for day-to-day management. HEG’s proven planning process results in the development of school strategies that your community will buy into and can be implemented right away to support school improvement over the next five years. 

The following is a quick snapshot of our Strategic Planning process and approach:

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Provided below are links to strategic plans that Doug Halladay has engaged in the development of. Click on the school to open a downloadable copy of the strategic plan.

Planning Approach

Our proven planning process results in the development of a practical planning tool to lead your school over the next five years. Our comprehensive approach normally encompasses three to four site visits over a six to eight month period to determine where you are now, where you want to be, how to get there, and how you know you’ve gotten there, providing:

  • Onsite focus group sessions with parents, students, staff, faculty, board members, alumni, and/or other members of your community to identify areas of priority;
  • Statistically-driven online surveys with staff/faculty, board, and/or parents, to gather data on school performance;
  • Facilitated On-Site Retreats with your planning committee to re/define core values, mission and vision statements, and educational philosophy;
  • Identifying impeding critical issues and developing solution-based goals, rationale, and objectives;
  • Support to apply your plan in your governance model and operationalize with your Administration;
  • Community surveys to gather feedback on drafts of the strategic plan;
  • And most importantly, detailed action plans to implement your goals and make your vision a reality

Our experienced approach results in both the “compass” and the “road map” to guide your staff and board to utilize a measurable plan that will coordinate the priorities and maximize the performance of your school.Our eight-step planning process focuses on the following steps:

"His Experience And Expertise Have Been Invaluable..."

"Harbert Hills Academy retained Doug Halladay, of Halladay Education Group, to assist us with developing a five year strategic plan. Mr. Halladay met on site with us on three different occasions over a period of four months. During these sessions Mr. Halladay led us through the process of determining where we were and where we wanted to be and then assisted us with developing appropriate goals, objectives, and actions plans. The timelines developed in the beginning of the process have been met in each case. Mr. Halladay's experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to complete our Strategic Plan. He was sensitive to our unique philosophy and needs and worked well with our diverse constituency. I highly recommend Mr. Halladay and his firm Halladay Education Group."

Steve Dickman, President, Harbert Hills Academy

Value To Your School

Many organizations spend their time reacting to unexpected changes instead of anticipating and preparing for them. This is called crisis management. Schools caught off guard spend a great deal of time and energy "playing catch up" and reacting. They use up energy and resources coping with immediate problems with little energy left to anticipate and prepare for the future. This unproductive cycle locks schools into a reactive posture. It does not have to be that way. A sensible alternative is our well tested process that provides a viable alternative to crisis management – our strategic planning model. Strategic planning is a step-by-step process with definite objectives and end products that can be implemented and evaluated. Very simply, it is a process by which your school will look into the future, identify a picture of that future based on current data, and control forces that affect you. This will allow you to

  • Gain credibility for the school amongst current and prospective donors and identify critical projects for investment;
  • Identify areas of operation needing attention and use it as a springboard to strengthen school performance;
  • Identify and reach consensus on critical issues (e.g., finance, enrollment, marketing, fundraising, human resources, academic programs, student performance, facilities) before they become a crisis;
  • Articulate a uniform, shared mission and vision, and provide a clearer focus for the school, producing more efficiency and effectiveness, and participation and ownership;
  • Allocate resources to opportunities and improve finances and projections;
  • Build trust, respect, team-work, and communication amongst board members and the Head of School;
  • Create a framework and direction that guides decision making and ensures that members of the school are working towards the same goals, even if the environment around your school changes;
  • Ensure that board members understand their roles, responsibilities, and issues;
  • Monitor performance and provide benchmarks from which progress and performance can be measured


Simply put, a school undertakes strategic planning to reaffirm or adjust its mission – why it exists, what its purpose is, and what it does now– and to agree on its vision – what it wants to be and do in the coming years. The purpose is not to decide what should be done in the future but to decide what should be done right now to make you the best private school. Ask yourself, is your current strategic plan doing that?

The real value of my Strategic Planning system is more than simply having a blueprint that guides future decisions -- which is incredibly valuable on its own. It’s also my powerfully comprehensive approach to building consensus and motivating support, defining critical priorities for your Board and Head of School who are charged with the implementation of the plan, and focusing all your energies in one agreed upon direction. Not ready, shoot, AIM. Is this happening at your school?

Our Strategic Planning Process

Our planning system won’t fail -- it will springboard you to the next level. What do you receive from Halladay Education Group’s 10-Step Results Optimization Strategic Planning System?
  • Determines the scope of the Strategic Planning Process, Key Steps, Timelines, and Preparation
  • Orients Board, Administration, Faculty, and Parents to the Strategic Planning Process 
  • Obtains Community Views (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires)
  • Assembles Internal and External Background Data To Determine Where You Are At Right Now
  • Defines the Vision, Mission, Core Values, and/or Educational Philosophy
  • Assesses External and Internal situation; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Identifies and Frames Your Strategic Issues and Priorities For Implementation
  • Formulate Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Objectives
  • Supports The Development of Your Action Plans To Success
  • Assists Your Planning Team in Presenting the Results to the Board
  • Oversees and Guides the Preparation of Your Internal Strategic Planning Document
  • Oversees and Guides the Preparation of Your Public Strategic Planning Document
  • Oversees the process to Monitor, Evaluate, and Revise Your Strategic Plan Each Year
  • Oversees and Guides the Preparation of Your Yearly Operational Plan and Board Agenda

What Others Say About Our Services

"Flexible In Meeting Our Needs..."

"It is my honor to be able to recommend Douglas Halladay from Halladay Education Group to you for your consulting needs. Doug facilitated our strategic planning session...He managed to bring us to a completed draft document for our full board's approval in just three days of intense but exhilarating work. His knowledge of schools, curriculum, staffing, financing, communications, and the overall improvement process earned everyone's respect and admiration on day one. His sense of humor was just right in all social settings. He was flexible in meeting our needs and demands, often skillfully shifting gears to keep us on task and productive. I strongly encourage you to discuss your planning needs with Douglas Halladay, if you want a powerful strategic plan for your school."

Leo Corriveau, PH.D., Superintendent of Schools, Mascenic Regional School District

"Ability To Lead And Manage A Variety Of Projects..."

"I have been impressed with Mr. Halladay's ability to lead and manage variety of projects, which have highlighted his outstanding organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills...One project in particular illustrated his ability to effectively co-ordinate a variety of educational partners, including industry, business, post secondary , and community organizations."

Sam Lim, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education, British Columbia, Ministry of Education

"Instrumental In Developing And Implementing Our Plan..."

"Doug worked very well with all Governors on the Board and was excellent at developing effective relationships with each Governor. He kept the board well informed and was instrumental in developing and implementing the strategic plan that is in place."                                                                                          

S.L. Spencer, Board Chair, Queen Margaret's School, British Columbia

"Quickly Evolved A Visionary Plan..."

"With vision and leadership, Doug quickly evolved a strategic plan in collaboration with the school's board. The plan reaffirmed the long history of Queen Margaret's as a fine girls' preparatory school but created a new emphasis on the education of the whole student: scholastic, the arts, athletics and citizenship. The strategic plan also addressed the school's finances and upon the basis of related business models, a whole new approach to setting tuition fees was evolved."

Mark Moore, Business Manager, QMS, Canada

Strategic Planning Projects

The following is a list of strategic plans that have be developed by HEG's Principal Consultant, Douglas Halladay, while with HEG or as a staff member of the institution:

  • HEG’s Principal Consultant, Douglas Halladay was retained by AED to lead the development of the national K-12 education strategic plan for Saudi Arabia with Tatweer ‑ King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Public Education Development Project.

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan for a K-7 Catholic Private Non-Profit School in Delta (Ladner), British Columbia

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan for a PreK-9 International Baccalaureate Private School in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan for PreK-12 International Baccalaureate Non-Profit Private School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

  • HEG was retained to develop a strategic plan for an existing public school district and a new school district in New Hampshire, USA

  • HEG was retained by a Post-Secondary For-Profit Allied Health School to advise on the formation of their school in Connecticut. 

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan for an Adventist Senior Non-Profit Boarding School in Tennessee, USA. 

  • HEG’s Principal Consultant, Douglas Halladay developed the strategic plan for a Grades K-12, Private, Non-Profit Day/Boarding Preparatory School in Duncan, British Columbia Canada.

  • HEG’s Principal Consultant, Doug Halladay, as a senior staff member, developed the strategic plan for a Grades PreK-12, Private, Non-Profit Day Preparatory School in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

  • HEG’s Principal Consultant, Douglas Halladay, as a senior staff member, developed the strategic plan for a Grades K-12, Private, Non-Profit Day Special Needs School in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of PreK-9 Private For-Profit International Baccalaureate School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of PreK-12 Private For-Profit International Baccalaureate School in Panama.

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of Private Non-Profit International High School in Dallas, Texas. 

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of PreK-12 Private For-Profit Canadian International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of Private Non-Profit Religious High School in Boca Raton, Florida. 

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of PreK-12 Private Non-Profit Tribal School in Atmore, Alabama. 

  • HEG was retained to develop the strategic plan as part of the formation of PreK-12 Private Non-Profit American School in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

Complimentary Special Reports on the Value of Developing an Effective Strategic PlanSpecial Reports - School Strategic Planning

We'd like to offer you the opportunity to download two special reports (in eBook format) that provide helpful information about:
  • Learning the pitfalls, the 7 critical benefits, and the 11 secrets to a successful strategic plan
  • A valuable checklist for organizations as they begin the process of preparing to launch their strategic plan
  • To get your copy you just need to click here.

The Next Step

If you are interested in our strategic planning consulting services and would like to receive written material about HEG, or would like to discuss your particular needs in further detail, please contact Doug Halladay directly to find out more about our services. You can set this up by sending him an email to info@halladayeducationgroup.com or calling directly at 1-604-868-0002. We look forward to learning more about your institution and helping to make your goals a reality.

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